2-15-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

Block in the animation for every shot of sprint two (IAC 30 – 50, IA 50, EAC 10 – 40, EAC 60).

What got done: 

  • Finished the blocking for every shot! Some things will undoubtedly¬†need to be refined and moved around within the shots as I receive feedback and move forward with the animation, but I’m on track! ūüėÄ

Next Week: 

  • Film reference for the re-worked camp scenes
  • Block in the shots for sprint three (all interior and exterior camp shots)
  • Get any illustrations to Josh and Ethan that they need for the URBN displays

Hours: 16

2-8-PPJ David Maguire

Tasks for the week: Complete animation for the interior temple sprint.

What got done this week:

Animation for the interior temple sprint was finished (excluding the shoggoth, still waiting on the rig). It was mostly a matter of refining shots this week, thank goodness. The plan is to revisit these shots whenever we have time down the road, but they’re complete enough to render as is. Shots completed were IT050, IT130, IT140/150, IT310, and IT320.

  • Positives: Everything go tdone adn uplaoding through VPN for rendering!
  • Negatives:¬†There will always be things that I need to polish, and things that I want to polish. Hopefully I can get back to these.
  • Hours:¬†23

Next week:
1. Rough blocking of all of my sprint 2 shots

2-2-PPJ David Maguire

Another solid week of a lot of animating and not too much else. Everything is fairly smooth sailing.


  • Summary:¬†Spent a lot more time animating. A few more shots need just a little more polish before the end of the sprint, but we can do it. Gabe and Pat and I also spent a few hours together doing a deep critique of each others’ work. I wish we’d done it sooner, as we got great stuff and unfortunately some of it required some rather involved¬†changes.
  • Positives:¬†Looks great, almost done!
  • Negatives: Exhausted!
  • Hours:¬†25

Clothing Meeting

  • Summary:¬†We all got together and went over our options with clothing. Anthony was able to demonstrate pretty much right in front of us the power of Marvelous Designer, and easily convinced us that was the route to take.
  • Positives: Solid plan for clothes in place, using a fast and iterative system
  • Negatives:¬†Means going backwards before going forwards
  • Hours:¬†1.5


  1. Finish interior tower shots
  2. Help Anthony/Val finish up the costumes as needed
  3. Begin Sprint 2 animation!

1-25-PPJ David Maguire

Good, solid week of animating. Was able to take some feedback from Nick and the team regarding some of the acting decisions in two of my shots, and they’re looking sweet!¬†Also met with Ethan, Pat, and Val to hash out the minutiae of shot timing and some editing things.


  • Summary:¬†Animated a lot. Got two scenes through splining (the two most acting heavy) including one whole round of revisions, and got tight blocking on the other shots. I’m currently working on the facial animation.
  • Positives: Everything’s going well and the new facial rigs are awesome!
  • Negatives: OH MY GOSH TIME CRUNCH (but I’m confident we’re fine)
  • Hours:¬†28

Editing Meeting

  • Summary:¬†Figured out some editing things with Ethan, Pat, and Val regarding the the timing of specific shots, so we now have our shot lengths locked down permanently! With this comes locked down audio tracks for lip-syncing, so yay! Also tweaked the storyboards to reflect some edits.
  • Positives:¬†Animatic looked nice and I think Nick liked everything!
  • Negatives:¬†Nah
  • Hours:¬†1.5

1-18-PPJ David Maguire

Had a crazy productive week! Managed to work a lot, and I think with a little better time management I can get even more done this upcoming week! really excited by the progress we’re making.


  • Summary:¬†Created storyboards for the reworked exterior of Lake’s camp, and additionally adjusted the interior tent scene. Gabe helped brainstorm how to make everything work without increasing our animation load and together we worked out ways to actually SAVE on time and animation.
  • Positives:¬†Turned out really well, and the whole team is on board with essentially no disagreements!
  • Negatives:¬†Was frustrating to put a hold on animation for a while and felt like we were going backwards, but it’ll serve the piece much better now.
  • Hours: 7



  • Summary:¬†Worked more on the tower shots, was able to get a lot of blocking done. I’m hoping to finalize blocking on most of the shots in the next few days and begin splining.
  • Positives: Everything’s looking great!
  • Negatives: Wish I had been more on my game before, I’d love to be splining by now, but I think I can be there in a day or two.
  • Hours:¬†23



Reference Work

  • Summary:¬†We had to compile all of our reference for Ethan to put together in a live-action cut of our short, so that required sorting through lots of footage and filming some additional footage as well. I spliced together all of my reference for each shot (sometimes I used different parts of multiple takes) and synced them up with my pop-throughs for easy reference. Spent one hour filming new stuff, about 3 hours editing it all and matching it with audio.
  • Positives: My references are much more organized!
  • Negatives:¬†Took time away from animating
  • Hours:¬†4


  • Summary: Had a meeting to discuss the storyboards and other issues that have come up in production. Agreed on boards, some changes to be made.
  • Positives: Cleared up some issues and¬†are moving ahead together more organized than before
  • Negatives: None
  • Hours:¬†2


  1. Animate interior tower shots
  2. Work with Val/Anthony/Whoever on costumes

1-11-PPJ David Maguire

Break Summary:¬†Didn’t spend nearly as much time as anticipated on the project over break, but I was able to continue blocking in some more animation. Not much to report on, really. I also worked on grabbing the audio and working into the animation that I had, but ran into some difficulties there that Ethan has since helped me sort out.

Clothing Models

  • Summary:¬†Finished the boots for the characters, which meant more research, design-work, modeling and UV-ing. Unfortunately, this was one of those things that we hadn’t thought through, figuring “boots are boots.” Turns out, boots form the period are quite different than snow boots today, and required quite a bit more design than sticking the characters in UGGs and calling it done. After this was all done, the pants needed to be modified to fit the boots and each individual character.
  • Positives: Really like how the meshes turned out, and they should make for some easy sims
  • Negatives:¬†Took far longer than anticipated, and some of the UV work is a little distorted. Hopefully Val can make it work with her texture wizardry
  • Hours:¬†8


  • Summary:¬†Worked on bringing the interior tower shots to a more polished stage. We’re hoping to have this entire scene done in a few weeks (animation-wise) so we’re really cranking hard on it. Because of the unexpected time spent on the clothing and the general lack of productivity due to being back from break this week, I wasn’t able to get much done but I fully expect that to change this upcoming week.
  • Positives: It’s moving along nicely
  • Negatives:¬†Didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to, also spent too much time moving files to my desktop computer (from my laptop that I was using over break)
  • Hours:¬†5


  1. Animate interior tower shots
  2. Storyboard Lake’s Camp Scene
  3. Design hieroglyphics

11-30-PPJ David Maguire

Not a whole lot to report this week, just continuing to pump out some more shots that need to be blocked.


  • Summary: Got some more shots blocked
  • Positive Stuff:¬†Continuing to move forward
  • Problems / issues:¬†Not nearly as much work got done over break as I would have liked, but I managed to crank another 5¬†shots
  • Hours:¬†8.5


  1. Continue blocking, hopefully will have every shot done by the end of the week