Week 1: Team Progress Summary

Click to view Google Sheets file!

Click to view Google Sheets file!

This week marked the “official” start of our project! After presenting our topic to the class on Tuesday morning, we continued onward with our assigned tasks. On Wednesday we met with our adviser, Nick Jushchyshyn, and discussed where to continue from here.

We will be pitching our project to the Drexel Digital Media faculty on 10/13/2014. Because of this, we are switching priorities slightly and focusing on polishing our current work, preparing for Animation, and laying down the groundwork for a more permanent storage solution. Nick will be looking into acquiring 1 – 5 terabytes of dedicated server space for us to store our project, and we will be migrating our scene directories over as soon as possible. This allows for a MUCH greater storage capacity (as we are now limited to 120 gigabytes of cloud space), as well as a direct line to the Drexel render farm.

This week was spent establishing a projected timeline for the next nine months, developing a modeling asset list, iterating our animatic, polishing our concept art and mood swatches, rigging our characters, and working on scene layout. We intend to begin animation immediately upon the approval of our project! Because of this, we will need completed human rigs, 3D, scale-correct layouts of each environment, a workable shot list, and a file hierarchy solution completed by October 13th, the end of our first Fall sprint. Everybody who isn’t working on layout or rigging will be modeling assets and helping to polish our presentation pitch.

Please refer to our Gantt chart and our individual team entries for Week #1 for more information about our intended deliverables for the next week!

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