4-26 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

3/9 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week was all about the trailer. I worked on finalizing the textures for the airplane for the teaser shots. I also finished positioning the mountain pass scenes before passing them off to Josh as well as positioning cameras and experimenting with the lighting. I also recut the trailer, worked with our composer to nail the sound and theme of our score. Lastly, I roughed in our motion graphics sequence and created a few samples of Shoggoth Sound Design.

Airplane – 

I had to fix a lot of problems with the model, but after redoing, re-uving and retexturing twice, I’m happy with the state of both the models and it’s textures.

Pros- Looks good enough for the teaser shots

Cons- Need to add more fidelity for close up shots

Hours Spent – 9

Mountain Pass

Between positioning, experimenting with lighting and iterating I brought the mountain scenes to a passable state before handing them off to Josh for final cleanup.

Pros- Was able to experiment with camera movements and lighting

Cons- None

Hours Spent – 6


Recut the teaser, redid the audio and sound-scape, and worked with our composer to implement our own score as well as experimenting with Shoggoth sounds.

Pros- Teaser is going to be sexy as hell.

Cons- None.

Hours Spent -10

Teaser Score – http://dreamscapemusic.com/clients/Ethan/Mountains_Of_Madness/Teaser_Stuff/MM_Teaser_Score_with_leveling.wav

2-23-15- Ethan Miller – PPJ

What I said I’d do:

-UV/Texture Airplane

-Finish Blocking Plane Interior

-Rough Motion Graphics

What I Did

So this week my plans hit a slight snag when I had to go back and retopo a great deal of the airplane and make revisions to the model as per requests from the team. However I still finished blocking in Lake’s tent exterior, lake’s tent interior, and plane interior, finished modeling on the airplane UV’d it and began texturing it.


So during the UV and texture process I hit a few major snags that culminated in the discovery of a hidden edge fold that going back and spending a few hours ironing out the model and re-uving it.

Positives- Everything is working properly, the plane looks great and textures are functioning (placeholders for the mean time to make sure the UVs are functional)

Cons- Having to double back on this model and UV process set me farther back than I’d like and I’ll be double timing these next two days to spruce up the interiors

Hours Spent: 10

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.27.49 AM

Airplane Interior

modified  canopy shape to fit revised plane exterior, added extra gears and gauges

Hours Spent: 2


Lake’s Tent Interior

I reconstructed Lake’s tent with more detail and a different floor plan to fit the new boards and to add additional detail.

Hours spent- 5
Lake’s Camp Exterior

I also rebuilt Lake’s camp this week to better fit new storyboards, incorporated Mountain Sculpt for added detailing in scene and for shot placement.

Hours Spent: 3



Lastly, I met with Josh and Val to go over concepts for the wall of sproj and we’ve settled on a concept that we’re all happy with!

Hours- 1

What’s next

-finish texturing airplane

-keep filling in environmental detail in Lake’s Tent, Camp and Airplane

-pop through mountain pass

2-9-15 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

Note- I’ll be updating this tomorrow with stills and the HD video

What I did- This week I focused primarily on modeling. I rebuilt the airplane from more or less scratch based off of new reference of Fokker Engines and to get better topology.  I’m also in the progress of renovating the plane interior, I’ll have updates on that tomorrow! I also spoke with our composer on the phone and discussed musical themes and cues.


Good- Plane is modeled and looking good!
Bad- Still have to texture it, but I should be getting that done before it’s assigned for week 7.

Hours spent- 9

Airplane TurnTable- https://vimeo.com/119099207

What I’m going to do- I’m going ham on environmental design this week and focusing primarily on UVing and texturing the Airplane and finishing the Airplane interior. I will also get a first cut of the new motion graphics together.

2-2-15 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week revolved around finalizing the animatic template so I can move onto environmental modeling for the next sprint.


What I did- Finished brute forcing all of the shot ID’s in place using free-floating tiles smart-linked to the weekly updated shot files. Organized four panel animatic to properly fit shot counters and IDs. Adjusted audio, retimed pivotal moments for maximum impact.

Pros- Animatic can now be updated simply by dragging it to the desktop, dropping in the new files and rendering.

Cons- None.

Hours spent- 5

Shot list

What I did- Restructured shot list to contain revised lake’s tent and filled in all of the new frame counts and shot IDs.

Pros- We now have a comprehensive list of all the shots and how long they need to be. Good reference for animators

Cons- We need to reintegrate thumbnails as our previous way of combining thumbnails within google drive fell apart when additional shots were added.

Hours Spent- 4