5/3 PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

  • Figure out the Fx

What happened.

The first thing I did was make one more tent in marvelous designer.

Then the rest of my week wasCap2ture

  • After many different attempts I got something working.

Next Week:

More Fx work

4-26-PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week


What happened

I modeled the interior for the airplane shot. There was some confusion on the look, so I ended up doing some remodeling. In the end it all worked out.

Additionally I went back into marvelous and had some fun destroying some tents for the camp scene.

Next Week:

Help model more

Figure out whats going on with the FX.

Hours: 18

4-19-PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

  • Model props, Work on the shoggoth

What I got done this week

  • I modeled and uved five bottles, a knife and a small tent.

1 2 Capture

  • Additionally I worked on the shoggoth rig. I fixed some weighting in the front of the shoggoth and I added more control to the big mouth so it can be moved around.


Next Week

  • Model

Hours: 16

4/12 PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

  • Work on modeling tents and environment art.

What happened

  • I got a lot of modeling finished this week. I took a bit of time and experimented making a tent in marvelous design. The first design did not seem to be held up by anything. Therefore Ethan made some frames, then I draped the cloth in marvelous. I made two of the three tents. I also modeled and uve`d a pan, fork, cot, and plate.

Next Week

  • Fix up some issues on the shoggoth rig.
  • Tweak models based off crit
  • Model last tent, model other props.

Total Hours: 17

Capture Pan Fork Plate Tent1 Tent2 Tent3

4/5 PPJ Anthony Meyers

I was not able to get much done this week. I got the flu over the break and was dealing with trying to get better. I did practice some fx work for when the animation is complete, I also tried to work ahead so I can dedicate most of my time to work on the fx when the time comes. For right now I will be working on the environments with Ethan and Josh.

3-8-PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

Finish rigging the shoggoth.

What got done.

I finished rigging the shoggoth. I added in clusters with fk and ik controls to all of the small tentacles. I added in SDKs in for all of the mouths and eyes. I added in some additional controls to morph the body. The only hard part of the week was trying to get the weighting to work with the tentacles and the body moving.

To help save time I am rendering the turntable of the shoggoth on my home computer. I set up the shaders and textures that val and josh made then after a few tests with the lighting I was able to get something working.

Hours: 27

For next week:

Fix / add anything to the shoggoth rig.

Prepare for dynamics.



2-22-15 Anthony Meyers PPJ

Task for this week:

  • Rig more of the shoggoth.

What got done:

  • The rigging of the eyes and mouth was not a very difficult task. It was straight forward placing the joints and controllers for all the eyes but it was very tedious. The base painting of all the weights for the eyes and mouths took awhile but was straight forward. The hardest part was smoothing out all the weights, and getting the eyes to work with the shoggoth bending. On a good note all of the mouths and eyes have been rigged.

Next Week:

  • Rig more of the shoggoth

Hours: 40+