Team Progress Summary: 5/03/2015


This week was another time crunch, as I expect every week will be until this project is finally done! The animators are continuing to lock our shots, Josh is rendering out character passes, and textures are underway. Anthony has made some awesome headway on our shoggoth-squishing destruction simulation, and Ethan has finished storyboarding the new 3D motion graphics sequence. We’ve contacted somebody to assist with sound effects and audio balancing, ironed out the final changes in the edit, and started gathering some awesome photo reference for matte paintings.

Overall, all wheels are spinning full steam ahead. Nothing to do now but keep at it until we’re finished!

5-3-PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for This Week: 

  • Draft 1 of final presentation
  • More texturing!
  • Various producer stuff

What Happened: 

I’ll admit to falling behind this week, which I feel awful about since everybody on the team is working ridiculous hours to get everything animated and finished up. I haven’t missed any hard deadlines or put us behind schedule, but I’ve largely neglected the environment texturing (all due 5/10) to catch up on client / grad thesis work. I’ll be having a Mudbox Marathon this weekend to make up for lost time.

I spent my time this week beginning the hunt for usable sound effects, setting up meetings with our new audio guy (Dominic Zapalla, a film senior), creating the first draft of our presentation, and checking in on everyone to make sure our deadlines are in good shape. The presentation is still a bit rough, but since the focus was on organization of content I think we’ll be in good shape for revisions.

Total hours: 12 ish

Next Week: 

  • Texture all the things
  • Presentation v02
  • Compositing? (depends on render status)

5-3-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week, I’ve begun final rendering of the project.  Just the character passes for now, as the environments still need to have their shaders finalized, but this works out since the character passes generally take much longer to render.  Our animators are hard at work locking down shots, and have done a great job at keeping me busy prepping files and sending them off to be rendered.  During the brief periods of time where I’m caught up with them, I’ve been workin on shaders and models for the environments.  Luckily we’re at the point in this project where many of the shaders can be recycled from similar scenes, which speeds up the process tremendously.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing more of the same.

5-3-PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I planned to do:

Start locking shots.

What I did this week:

SO MANY THINGS.  I got about 13 shots LOCKED and ready to be rendered.  I’ve also taken some extra shots to help out the other animators so I’ve been working on those too.  I don’t have much else to say except for all I did this week was non stop polishing shots.

What I plan to do next week:

The same, polish and lock just about all of the rest of my shots.

Hours: 68

5-3-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Lock IAC, EAC, and IT shots

What happened: 

  • Continued to work on animating and locking stuff. I had to take EAC pretty much back to the drawing board, so that took an inordinate amount of time. I fell behind a little on some of my other stuff but Gabe was able to grab a couple of smaller shots to make sure that it all got done. That guy is a machine, I swear. IAC and IT got locked (needs to be officially checked one last time, but it’s pretty much there), and EAC is really close. Hoping that crits tomorrow will give me the feedback I need to lock EAC in a few hours.

Next Week: 

  • Lock the rest of my shots

Total Hours: 53

5-3-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Lock down all the interior tower animation
  • Keep open to any random jobs floating my way

What happened: 

  • I spent pretty much all my time this week working on the interior tower shots. I think I have them ready to render, but a last pass of critique is always welcome. On a more learning note, when I opened one of my scenes to address some critique, it turned out that the tentacle had no animation on it. After some sleuthing, I figured out it was because the namespace changed on the reference, so none of the names lined up anymore. So I now know to not mess with the namespaces of referenced files. (28 Hours)

Next Week: 

  • Work on the final airplane shots and make them really sell