10-05-PPJ Anthony Meyers

For this week I continued to rig.


  • Summary: This week I started off by finishing the neck. I added space matching to the neck, then I started to work on the legs. I first made the bind joints, then the IK and FK joints. I then created an IK FK switch for both legs. When the legs are switched into one mode, the visibility for the controllers in the other mode is switched off. I also added a lot of controls for both the feet.
  • Problems / issues: Nothing too major this week that made me completely restart. Only issues were typical things that happen when rigging. The ik handle was not orienting correctly, some of the constraints I tried to make were not working, and a mistake on my part I left a .001 rotation in a joint.
  • Positive: I fixed all my issues! ( I hope) Now I can start rigging the fun stuff.

Hours : 15


  • Add advanced controls for the   legs
  • Start the arms
  • Hopefully break down Evans rig

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