10-5-PPJ-Josh Hollander

This week I worked on roughing in environments so we can begin placing our cameras, props, etc.  I focused on the temple at the city’s center, developing a scale and style for it.  I also had to re-aclimate myself to Maya, after using 3ds Max almost exclusively for the past 9mo.

Temple Rough-in


Temple Interior

  • Summary: I began roughing in the Temple environment, imagining its original purpose and how it might have been constructed and connected to the rest of the city.
  • Positive Stuff: As rough and barren as it is, working on this has helped me get closer to nailing down both a scale and style for our city buildings that will be uncomfortably alien yet still traversable by our characters.  (for reference, the small green rectangle by the pit is human-sized).
  • Problems / Issues: It was difficult to get going on this environment, but I think now that there’s a strong base to work off of the rest of this scene and the other city environments will come together much more easily.
  • Hours: ~4

Temple Approach


  1. Finish rough environments with Ethan

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