10-12-PPJ Anthony Meyers


  • Summary: Got pretty far this week in rigging. I was able to add stretch in the ik and fk joints. The joints still switch fluently between the two chains. The fk chains have independent stretch inputs for the thigh and knee control. I also added the flexiplanes in both legs. This required me to add twist functionality for the thigh flexiplane and shin flexiplan. Finally I added a control to stretch the leg from the knee.
  • Negative Stuff: I ran into an annoying issue in the beginning of the week with the Ik legs orientation. As well, I am not too sure why but maya 2015 was crashing constantly. I am still not sure what is wrong but I am still trying to figure out the issue. I am behind in where I want to be in the rig.
  • Positive Stuff: I was able to set up the legs for both the characters. The animators seemed to really like what I did with the rig.

flexiplane graph stretch Hours 15-16 Meeting

  • Summary: I met to talk with my group. We went over our presentation and the script revision.
  •  Positive stuff: I am not involved as much in the script but I loved the changes in the story
  •  Problems: Nothing right now, I felt that the meeting went really well.

Hours 3-4


  • Rig the arms

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