10-12-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week I was supposed to finish roughing out our city scenes, but I caught a nasty cold and was out of commission most of the week and didn’t make any progress on that front.  I was able to to make it to our script revision meetings, though, and we made some great progress there.

Script Revision

  • Summary: We met twice this week to discuss our story, focussing on what’s motivating our characters.  With the help of a screenwriting professor here at Drexel, we were able to find and fix a number of plot holes and flesh out our characters and their relationships with one another.  A lot got changed, but the length and core story remain the same.
  • Positives: Our characters are much stronger now than they were in previous drafts, and we’ve replaced a lot of expository dialogue with reactions, visuals, etc.  The story now has a consistent conflict throughout, which it was lacking before.
  • Negatives: Dave will need to re-draw most of the storyboards now, and the animatic will also have to be re-cut.  A small price to pay for the huge improvements we made, but it will set us back a little bit.
  • Hours: 3


  1. Rough out city scenes
  2. Possibly rough out Lake’s Camp if there’s time

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