Week 4: Team Progress Summary

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Story, story, story!!! This week was whirlwind of script-edits, with ideas flying this way and that. We came up with four new script versions this week, and we are meeting tomorrow (Monday) night to go through our lines one by one and finally nail down our dialogue. Our scenes make sense, we (mostly) agree on the character direction, and now it’s just a matter of running through it all with a fine-tooth comb and picking out the imperfections.

Script aside, we stayed fairly close to schedule this week, with a few minor set-backs. I was unable to finish the character textures, though I will before our lab meeting on Wednesday. I finished up the website, however, and set up a new task management paradigm that we will be switching to at our Wednesday meeting.  Anthony needs only a little longer to finish the character rigs, which are working beautifully so far. The last of our layout scenes have been finished up and are now waiting for review. Anthony met with Dave Mauriello and gleaned some valuable insights about Shoggoth modeling, so Pat has begun work on Shoggy2.0. Gabe’s finishing up the Elder Thing, and I have high hopes that we will be animating by next week.