11-3-2014 – ETHAN MILLER – PPJ


We’ve made a lot of progress this week! After locking in our script I’ve been moving onto the Animatic and blocking in the camera shots with Josh. I’ve also finished roughing in the exterior of Lake’s camp which still has a bit of work to go on the terrain front but is more than ready for laying out shots.

Audio Recording

Gabe and I went through the script and narrated it in it’s entirety. This audio will be used for timing purposes on the Animatic once the rest of the boards are filled in.

Pros – Got a good feeling for the new timing of our script .

Cons– Audio quality isn’t the best, but it’s a place holder so it will do for the time being.

Hours Spent- 1 


I’ve been replacing boards on the timeline as well as deleting old stills. Tomorrow I’ll be spending the whole day wrapping up the second draft

Pros- The new boards are gorgeous and are looking great back to back. Gives a much stronger sense of shots and what’s going on in the scenes

Cons- I do wish I had more musical cues to play around with, but you can’t always get what you want

Hours Spent – 5

Layout1 layout2


Roughed in rest of Lake’s Camp exterior, will begin laying out camera shots tomorrow.

Pros- Exterior is looking good, definite sense of where everything is.

Cons- Terrain still needs polishing.

Hours Spent – 4