11-10-14- Ethan Miller – PPJ – Progress!


It’s been a busy week! Ever since we locked down our script my pipeline has opened up completely. I’ve moved forward on the Animatic and should have a finished first draft by the end of Monday. Additionally I’ve taken it on myself to film motion capture reference for our animators for several pivotal scenes while wrapping up the last stages of camera layout.

Motion Capture Argument

I brought in our Danforth actor to hop into the motion capture suit and perform his scene in 3D space. Connor Behm is a professional stage actor and his training really shows when given the opportunity to flourish. In addition to gathering the 3D data, we also recreated the argument scene shot for shot to be used as additional reference by the animators.

Pros- It was really interesting working with a seasoned actor in the mocap lab. It was a much more cerebral take on acting than I’ve done before, and I feel it really showed in the final footage

Cons- I would have liked to get our Dyer in the lab as well but unfortunately he was unalienable

Hours Spent – 7


I’ve been wrapping up Layout this week as Gabe Dave and pat move to start animating. At the moment these scenes only have basic geometry, but I look forward to populating them with more detailed topology.

Pros-Moving into the final stages, meetings with animators went well and proved fruitful.

Cons- Still a tad bit more to do.

Hours Spent – 5


It feels good to be making progress on the Animatic. As the last of the storyboards have been trickling in I’ve been syncing up boards and audio. I still have a bit more polishing to do, but I’m pleased to report that I should have a finished first cut by the end of tomorrow.

Pros- Progress! Very nearly there, just one more push.

Cons- I would like to have finalized audio at this stage, but co-coordinating three professional freelancers can be tough.

Hours Spent – 4