11-17-PPJ David Maguire

Finally animating whooooooooooo! Also finished up some clothes stuff.

Modeling Clothing

  • Summary: Finished Danforth’s jacket and pants, just need to UV them and get them off to Val.
  • Positive Stuff: Should still be easy to Dyer, got the jacket and pants modeled
  • Problems / issues: The jacket is accurate and should sim well, but I’ms till not quite sold on the design. Want to pitch another option to the team next time we meet.
  • Hours: 9

Animating (Whoooooooo!)

  • Summary: Actually started animating! Got two shots blocked in and am working on two more.
  • Positive Stuff: Actually moving forward with things, and we’ve got a plan to get everything blocked by break
  • Problems / issues: Some slight rigging issues as we move from the proxy rig to the smooth-bind rig, but Anthony and Gabe are hard at work sorting them out.
  • Hours: 8.5



  1. UV clothing
  2. Block more animation
  3. Hair sculpts?