11-24-2014 – PPJ – Ethan Miller

This week was yet another spent refining the Animatic. We finally have reached a place where we’re comfortable taking it to the editing faculty and getting feedback. Pending their commentary on the timing and one or two more versions we should have a completely finished animatic by the end of this week (assuming we meet with the faculty).


I continued to focus on the animatic this week as we’re quite close to finalizing our timing. One of my main goals for the end of this week was to apply several changes that would let us get the most out of our Animatic. These features include a running shot timer for the entire animation, a shot timer for each individual shot and the shot’s scene title clearly displayed. In addition I’ve also been experimenting with Shoggoth sounds and have been steadily building a sound-scape to assist in blocking in folly later on.

Pros- A lot of progress has been made and the video is slowly becoming a more and more useful tool for moving forward.

Cons- Still waiting on a response from the editing faculty.

Hours Spent- 8

Motion Graphics

I’ve began work on the motion graphics portion of our animation by assembling rough comps and experimenting with camera angles. I’ve also been conceptualizing the ending credits as well and have been in contact with a third party 2D artist to discuss procuring art for different solutions.

Pros – Good for figuring out placement

Cons– A lot more to do especially with ending credits

Hours Spent – 2