11-24-PPJ Anthony Meyers


This week I fell a little behind because I went into hospital in the beginngig of the week for a back injury.

Summary: To this point I finished all that need to be put into danforth for the body rigging. Unless anything else comes up, that being rig issues, the rig breaking, and helping gabe with the weighting. This week I finished all the SDKs for the hands. I switched the IK FK switch so they can be blended between one and zero. I rigged the hat. The hat still needs a little work on the weighting. Finally I added controls for the eyes.

Pros: Danforth is very close  for facial rigging.

Cons: Need to catch up and finish dyers extra rigging.

Hours: 10

2 3 5 7 1 face



Summary. I continued my weekly study of learning Houdini. This is mainly for advanced animation but anything I learn in Houdini I believe will help in the future when I begin working on effects.

Pros: I am slowly starting to understand different parts of Houdini. Excited to try implement. Houdini in the project

Cons: Still a lot of Houdini to learn.

Hours: 3