2-22-15 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

Goal for the past week:

The plan was to get all my shots blocked in for the camp/ tent scene, throw the finishing touches onto the elder thing model, and fix my references.

What I got done:

I didn’t end up getting blocking done for the camp/ tent scene because layout got delayed but it’s suppose to be finished by the end of tonight so I’ll be working on getting as much of that blocked in before our meeting with our adviser on Wednesday.  Dave and I did film new reference for that scene so we are ready to go as soon as layout is finished.  Since I couldn’t work on blocking I continued to work on roughing in the animation for my scenes in the trench.  I did fix my references for Josh, which was a stupid error on my part because I forgot a folder in the reference path.  I finished the elder thing model which I’ll hand over as soon as I’m instructed what to do with the UV’s.

Hours: ~10

What I plan to get done throughout the next week:

This coming week I plan to definitely have everything blocked for the camp/ tent scene and I’m going to try and get the rough animation done for EAC 070 and ET 020, faces and all.

Oh, and a big factor for why I only have about 10 hours for my PPJ this week is because I ended up having to spend about 40 this week fixing a lot of problems for an independent study I’m currently enrolled in (rig issues).  BUT all that has been solved so as part of my plan for this week I’m going to dedicate 30 hours minimum to just animating for senior project. There I’ve said it! Now I must do it!