3-1-PPJ Valentina Feldman

What I said I’d do last week: 

  1. Presentation WIP
  2. Textured Mountains
  3. Skies / sky plan!

What I actually did: 

This week I continued to be sick (along with almost every other member of the team… Seriously, we’re tragic.) I got better over the weekend though, and managed to do a rough pass of everything I said I’d put together. Nothing’s finalized yet, but I’m still on track to finish all my tasks on time and before the presentation next week!

1. Presentation WIP

Finishing it up right now! We have a solid plan for the presentation and we’ll be giving our mock presentation on Tuesday morning. I set up our slides in Google Drive and while we don’t have all the assets finished yet, we have plans and comps set up for everything. I’m confident that we’ll be fine.

Hours: 5

2: Mountains Texturing

11026637_10153173598420559_1117711495_n 11040446_10153173598425559_1250886090_o (1)

I started working on the textures for our mountains this week. I realized midway through that there was no way I could bring out all the sculpt detail by hand-painting alone, so Josh will be setting up a shader this week that pulls detail from the edges. Once that’s done I’ll iterate again, but for now I’m happy with the chunky shapes and general style. They just need to be blended better and much more detailed.

Shader example from Z-Brush by Pat:


Setting this up took a little longer than usual, since the ridiculous scale of these mountains was too much for Mudbox to handle. I created two 4K texture maps, one for long-distance shots and one for close-ups of the mountain pass.

Hours: 7

3: Sky Planning

I fell slightly behind on sky painting this week, but I did comp together one painting with the mountains I textured. I’m waiting on Ethan’s pop through to continue with the matte paintings for each shot. I definitely want to play up the intense red sunsets of Antarctic summers, since the airplane scenes always happen at sunset or sunrise. Crits welcome!



Hours: 4


4. General Producer Things

I realize that I’ve never really logged these hours in my PPJs, but I do put a lot of time into filling out trello cards, posting things and planning out timelines. Y’know, producing. I put in about 4 hours a week into that.


Hours: 4 


Next Time: 

  1. Presentation finalization
  2. Presentation material rendering
  3. Trailer compositing!