4/5 PPJ Dave Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Get everything animated

What happened: 

  • After falling behind over break I’ve been busting my butt to get caught up with some degree of success. On the plus side, everything is in 3D now, at varying levels of polish. Some of it is really rough, some of it a little cleaner. I’m missing some props for some some scenes which I think are coming soon, but not too much to worry about. My biggest problem has been that scrubbing through scenes lags so much that I can’t get good audio playback to lip-sync too. The oddest part is that my machine is more powerful in every way than the lab computers, which apparently have no issues so I guess I’m going to move my base of operations from now on. :/

Next Week: 

  • Continue to refine animation

Total Hours: 27