4/12 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

Goal for this week:

Last week I said I was going to focus on my interior tent shots but instead it became priority to make sure all shots were in 3d for this weeks animation.

What I got done this week:

I will no longer have any shots represented by storyboards for this week’s edit.  I was able to take ELC 060 to a near finished polished state.  I also took EAC 070 & 080 to almost the same state but I still need to add some facial work to both shots and 080 needs a bit more body splines but overall they have come a long way and are close to finished.  ELC 045, 050, and 052 are super rough and will be polished easily once I ask my team what exactly the sequence should look like.  ILT 020 and IT 280 were my last two shots that I hadn’t had 3d for so those are now blocked in.

What I plan to do this week:

Since I switched my plans around for last week I plan on getting my ILT shots splined this week and I want to throw a few more touches onto my EAC shots.

Hours: 27