4-26-PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for This Week: 

  • UV / texture assets
  • Be mean about deadlines
  • Prepare presentation for final project check-in

What Happened: 

This week went more or less as planned! We really had to crunch to get our trailer up to speed in time for the final project check-in, but we met our goal of having an animatic with all shots animated and at least 1/3 locked. I spent a lot of time working on the timeline, talking with Gabe and Josh about the status of the animatic. I also prepared the presentation for our midterm / final project check-in.

I assisted with some of the camera animation for the animatic, talked to individual team members to find time-constrained solutions for everything that needs to get done, and did my best to keep everything flowing smoothly so we can meet our deadlines. I also looked into off-site rendering solutions, sold t-shirts, made a Facebook page, redesigned our website, recruited a new audio effects guy, and did all sorts of other small miscellaneous producer tasks. I was also succesfully mean about deadlines.

I also UV’d all of our environment assets (recently finished by Ethan, Josh and Anthony). The Interior airplane scene in particular took forever, but I maximized the UV space so it should be really easy for Ethan and I to texture. All textures will be done by 5/10, so I have my work cut out for me!

Total hours: 20ish

Next Week: 

  • Draft 1 of final presentation
  • More texturing!
  • Various producer stuff