4/26 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I planned to do:

Focus on my tent shots and get everything that wasn’t already at a first level of polish to a first level of polish.

What I did this week:

I spent most of my time wrestling with my tent interior shots.  They have proven to be my most difficult shots to work on and have needed much TLC.  I was able to get them to a level of polish that will be ready to show in class tomorrow and for Dave Mauriello to give me some good critique today.  Other than the tent stuff I tweaked some of my others shots and set up an animation schedule with Josh for when certain shots need to be LOCKED.  From there I spent a while going back through and playblasting all our shots so we can have a nice, cohesive edit to show on Tuesday.

What I plan to do next week:

First priority is getting shots locked so we can begin rendering.  I will also be helping knock out any small things that just need to get done.

Hours: 60