Gabriel Valdivia’s PPJ 9/28/2014

This week my primary focus was thoroughly going through the script and animatic.  Now that we have a WIP animatic we can start working on the overall pacing of our story and dialogue.  This unfortunately brought up some unnoticed problems with the script and I spent a lot of time figuring out how to address these problems in order to strengthen our story, which I then presented to the group.  I also gathered clothing sketches from our clothing designer and made sure they matched our character’s bodies (see picture from Dave’s post).  I also began modeling clothing assets for our characters such as hats and boots.  Lastly, I tested the current state of our character rigs.

Script Issues

  • Summary: I had a new pair of eyes look over our animatic and script which brought some unnoticed problems to light.  I then spent quite a few hours going through the script/ animatic myself and discussing the story with this new pair of eyes (a senior film student). Lots of wordy dialogue can be shortened or cut, character progression can be strengthened, and more powerful imagery can be used.
  • Positive Stuff:  The story itself is solid, so ultimately no changes will add large amounts of work to our plate.  Minus one potentially major dialogue reformat we are basically polishing our script not changing the story structure.
  • Problems / issues:  Lots of screenwriting formatting problems will need to be addressed along with cutting down dialogue.
  • Hours: 5-6 hours

Getting clothing designs/ testing rigs

  • Summary:  Gathered clothing designs from the designer and worked with Dave to make sure they were correct/ fit the characters. I tested the character rig and suggested some changes to make animating easier.
  • Positive Stuff:  Looked great.
  • Problems / issues: Some rotation orient problems but those were quickly fixed.
  • Hours: 1.5 hours


  • Summary: Started working on extra models needed for the characters.
  • Positive Stuff:  Just need to keep chugging away.
  • Problems / issues: Not yet!
  • Hours: 3-4 hours


  1. Cleaning up the script, working on refining dialogue, and scheduling a meeting with a film professor in order to make final decisions.
  2. Modeling, I have a large list of props and character things to model/ UV.
  3. Continue testing the character rigs and updates become available

4 thoughts on “Gabriel Valdivia’s PPJ 9/28/2014

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