9-28-PPJ-David Maguire

This week, my focus was on finishing up storyboards and 2D designs so that Ethan could move forward on the animatic and the team could get going on completing character costumes.

Costume Designs


  • Summary: Worked together with fashion design student Maura Feingold to fit our researched costume deisgns on our characters
  • Positive Stuff: Pretty much know what we’re doing in terms of designs and iterations between characters, and they’re suitably accurate to the time period
  • Problems / issues: Still trying to determine what method we’ll use to move forward with clothing, and how to handle layers
  • Hours: 1


int 100INT 135a

  • Summary: Finished up the cleaned boards so that Ethan could get going on the animatic
  • Positive Stuff: Some really cool looking shots, and a much clearer view of what we’re trying to accomplish.
  • Problems / issues: No plan survives contact with the enemy, and likewise I’m afraid the animatic revealed several things that the storyboards were lacking in clarity/simply need to be changed. Will be working with Ethan to figure these out.
  • Hours: 6.5


  1. Mood boards
  2. Script Revisions
  3. Storyboard Revisions

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