9-28-PPJ-Patrick Stelmach

This week, my focus was on creating an asset list so we all know what to model for our environments and tweaking the shoggoth model.

Shoggoth Editing

Summary: I edited the arms so they are torn and reshaped the body to be less flat
Positive Stuff: The skin damage is visible from both a distance and close up. The body looks less squashed.
Problems / issues: The shoggoth still has poor topology, so this needs to be addressed.

Hours Spent: 4

 Asset List
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 11.59.47 PM
Summary: This is a document that catalogs the different models that need to be created for all the environments.
Positive Stuff: All the scenes are blocked out and formatted
Problems / issues: Not all the needed assets are in the document yet

Hours Spent: 2

1. Finish Asset List
2. Begin Modeling Assets

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