10-5-PPJ-David Maguire

This week, my focus was on helping fix the story problems Gabe identified last week and on painting mood boards to take an initial look at the colors and atmospheres of our shots. Didn’t get to the storyboard revisions yet, although Gabe will be helping me finish those up so we can get them done quickly.

Mood Boards

theElderThing spookyMountainNotSpooky

  • Summary: Painted key shots and scenes from the story to better illustrate atmosphere and communicate our story beats for our upcoming pitch
  • Positive Stuff: Worked out some problems previously unknown involving the initial cave scene, and overall got a better sense of what we’ll need to do color-wise.
  • Problems / issues: I’m concerned that there’s too much grey and white, so that will require revisiting (likely with Josh) to see what we can do to introduce some more color into the Antarctic wasteland.
  • Hours: ~8

Script Revision

  • Summary: Met with Gabe, Ethan, and Pat to go over our proposed changes in the script. After talking about the value of the narration and deciding to cut it, we discussed ways to make the ending work without it, ways to shorten the dialogue throughout the film, and ways to clarify problem areas of the script.
  • Positive Stuff: Was a very efficient meeting, trimmed a lot of fat from the script and problem solved a lot of issues.
  • Problems / issues: Still haven’t finalized our script, I believe we have two different versions we will be showing to some film faculty (could be wrong about this). I think we really need to lock down what we are doing for now (no script survives contact with the faculty, I know).
  • Hours: 2


  1. Revise shot list w/Ethan and Gabe
  2. Storyboard Revisions
  3. Hair Sculpting

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