10-5 PPJ Patrick Stelmach

This week, my focus was on learning how to retopologize the shoggoth, add more detail to the asset list, and make some 3d assets.

Shoggoth Retopology

Shoggoth Topo

Summary: I learned how to retopologize an existing mesh in zbrush without loosing any detail.

Positive Stuff: The process is extremely accurate and doesn’t take much time to run.

Problems / issues: The topology isn’t perfect, so I’ll need to sit down and design it to fit our needs.

Hours Spent: 2  

Asset List

  Asset List Updated

Summary: Spent some time updating the assets and adding several columns for modeling, texturing, and unwrapping

Positive Stuff: The layout is complete and populated

Problems / issues: There is a lot of work to be done. There might also be things missing, so we will add any objects that come up later down the line.

Hours Spent: 3

Modeling Assets


Summary: I modeled several objects to add to our library, including a typewriter and some pots and pans. The typewriter will be in the plane, and the pots and pans will be in the tents.

Positive Stuff: The assets looks good and are catalogued.

Problems / issues: The objects still need to be unwrapped and textured.

Hours Spent: 3


1. Retopologize shoggoth

2. Keep modeling assets

One thought on “10-5 PPJ Patrick Stelmach

  1. I make it a habit of wagceint/listhning to TG4 as I am getting ready in the morning. It really does help to get your brain accustomed to the language. I am already understanding words in the reports!

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