10-5 PPJ: Ethan Miller


Moving the Animatic forward along side the revised script was my primary concern this week, and will continue to be my focus as the next week draws to a close. My previous draft of the Animatic was extremely helpful in showing us what our story looks and sounds like when played over it’s intended length. It also revealed a couple of problems with the script that we ironed out over the week and will be finalizing pending our meeting with the Screenwriting Faculty on Thursday. We’ve reached a point with our script that we’re comfortable with focusing primarily on cutting down dialogue in favor of more visual storytelling (an aspect that we found lacking after first viewings of the Animatic). As such, the Animatic has been constantly shifting to match


  • Shot1Recut the audio and animatic to adjust to the removed dialogue.
  • Integrated motion graphics storyboards into timeline
  • pros- stronger sense of timing, better visual storytelling
  • cons- motion graphics segment not fully integrated, will be resolved in upcoming week
  • Total Time: 2 Hours



  • finalized motion graphics script
  • polished animatic storyboards, final revisions pending art assets from Gabe and Dave
  • imported PSD files into After Effects, organized composition
  • Pros- Off to an extremely solid start on Motion Graphics, good coordination with team
  • Cons- Still needs audio, though this will be taken care of in the upcoming week.
  • Total Time: 6 Hours



  • I met with Gabe and Dave several times over the course of the week to discuss script revisions. We noticed several glaring issues in our script after drafting the Animatic and worked to resolved them throughout the week. Gabe and I went through the premier project together to test different solutions.
  • pros- we’ve reached a much stronger solution for maintaining ambiance and motivation through our animation.
  • cons- have not finalized script. Though I do want to get a screen writer’s perspective I’m a little nervous leaving it open ended this close to the deadline.
  • Total Time: 3 Hours

For the next week: I’ll be animating and recording audio for our motion graphics and moving the animatic to completion with additional storyboards from Dave and art assets from Gabe. We’ll also be meeting with a screenwriting professor and VFX editor in the upcoming week, both of which will give us a unique perspective on both the editing, timing and structure of our animation.

Overall Time: 11 hours

One thought on “10-5 PPJ: Ethan Miller

  1. Same here. I can9;03&#t decide. I think I'll have the liveblog open just in case but I may end up being a lot quieter than I usually am in say the Fringe liveblog.

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