Gabriel Valdivia’s PPJ 10/5/2014

This week I focused A LOT on our script.  I had three separate meetings, two with group members to discussed how we wanted to change our script to better tell our story/ cut down on dialogue and one with a film student to fix all the general formatting errors.  I then created a new version of our script with all the edits.  Aside from that I didn’t get as much modeling done as I had liked, but I finished our main character’s hat and began working on the model of the Elder Thing.


  • I met with Pat, Ethan, and Dave early in the week.  After much discussion we decided to completely cut all narration.  We also had to address some story points that were not coming across as strongly as we wanted along with restructuring a couple scenes.  We fine tuned the dialogue throughout the script and made some cuts there as well.
  • I emailed a film faculty member and asked him if he would sit down and go over the script with us.  He has responded and agreed to meet with us, which will take place on Thursday.
  • I then went through and created an edited draft of the script with all the discussed changes.
  • After that I met with just Ethan to finalize all the choices we made in the previous meeting.  We basically went line by line throughout the entire script and made decisions on what we should/ shouldn’t cut.  We also went through all my changes to the script and decided which of those changes we wanted to implement into an updated draft. Another thing we touched on was what places music and silence were important.
  • The next day I met with my film student friend and showed her all our notes.  This meeting went very well.  She said our script is much more readable and interesting.  She also gave me general screenwriting formatting tips.
  • With all the notes from the previous three meetings I typed up the tenth version of the script in Celtx.  I reworded some things, added everything discussed with the group, and edited all the formatting errors.
  • Pros: Lots of good decisions were made, our story is stronger than ever.  Made a lot of progress.
  • Cons:Still can’t say the script is ‘finished.’
  • Hours: ~8


  • Finished our main character’s hat.  There are a surprisingly small amount of orthographic photos for old hats.

danforthHat05  danforthHat04

  • Started working on the model for the Elder Thing.
  • Pros: Haven’t run into any issues so far.
  • Cons: N/A
  • Hours: ~2


  1. Meet with film faculty to further refine our script.
  2. Revise shot list w/Ethan and Dave.
  3. 2d assets for the animatic
  4. Continue modeling!

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