10-12-PPJ David Maguire

This week, my focus was on revising storyboards and moodboards after the script revisions made with Gabe and Ethan. Unfortunately, most of my time was spent on storyboards, which after another round of revisions to the script will likely need to be done again. :/

Mood Boards

  • Summary: Touched up some of the existing boards and began a few more, still trying to establish the visual tone of each major beat in the story.
  • Positive Stuff: Improved the existing boards and at the very least explored some new things in terms of color and lighting. Definitely figured out some ways to saturate the shots, so that’s no longer as much of a concern.
  • Problems / issues: Ran out of time this week, didn’t finish everything I would have liked.
  • Hours: 3

shoggothRising02 arriveAtTheCamp02

Group Script Revision

  • Summary: Met with Gabe and together we tightened up some of the script and planned out our boards. After this, a couple of different group meetings to lock down the script some more, lots of rewriting.
  • Positive Stuff: Finally have answers to all of the questions (i.e. motivation, relationships, etc.)
  • Problems / issues: So much writing to do, and I’m stuck unable to move forward on the boards until we actually know what we’re doing.
  • Hours: 4


  • Summary: Completely re-boarded the trip into the city and the exploration/argument of the tower scene.
  • Positive Stuff: Really high quality stuff (if I do say so myself!) and figured out some good dynamic shots to spice up our script.
  • Problems / issues: Potentially have to change much of what I accomplished, but maybe not. We won’t know until the script is rewritten.
  • Hours: 16

EAC025 ITN060 ITN075


  1. Finalize moodboards
  2. Sculpt hair
  3. Help wherever needed

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