10-12-PPJ Ethan MIller

This week I spent most of my time working on the script as my main focus at the moment (the animatic) is on hold permanent hold until the script is in a semi-finalized state. Gabe and I met with one of the script writing faculty members and discussed possible script revisions. With this in mind I also spent a great deal of time working with Valentina on our presentation and laying out the airplane interior.


Script Writing

  • Met with faculty members to discuss different solutions to motivation and overall theming (1-2 hours)
  • Met with group at various points in the week to tackle latest rounds of script revisions (3 hours)
  • Pros- New solutions found to motivating our characters and to the overall flow of our story
  • Cons- Still a lot of rewriting that needs to be done
  • Total time spent – 4-5 hours


Scene Layout

  • Modeled basic plane interior, comped in mood boards.
  • Pros- Solid start, with this sense of space we can start testing out camera angles.
  • Cons- Very basic geometry, needs to be filled in.
  • Total Time Spent- 3 hours



  • Rewrote several segments of presentation, assisted in layout of slides
  • Total Time Spent- 1 hour

TOTAL TIME SPENT- 9-10 hours

FOR NEXT WEEK- Script rewrites, model scenes, schedule VA session.

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