10-19-PPJ David Maguire

This week, I didn’t have a whole lot of time on things so I didn’t accomplish a whole lot. I hoped to get the hair sculpts finished up to toss over to Val, but those will have to get done this upcoming week. Additionally, once we can lock down this script (meeting on Monday, cross your fingers!), I’m going to be living on the Cintiq in the lab to get the entire thing re-boarded.

Hair Sculpts

  • Summary: Worked on sculpting hair for the characters to use as guides for tube grooming our planned X-Gen hair.
  • Positive Stuff: Very quickly got comfortable with ZBrush, general sculpting is going smoothly.
  • Problems / issues: As quickly as I got off the ground, still was too much of a learning curve. Not finished (but going smoothly).
  • Hours: 5


Script Revision

  • Summary: I wasn’t able to make it to our group meeting on the scripts, but I wasn’t terribly pleased with the revisions so I made my own treatment.
  • Positive Stuff: I’m very pleased with the new treatment (pretty obviously). Think it balances some of the good things that came out of the meeting I missed while maintaining the brevity and intentions of the prior version.
  • Problems / issues: We need to lock this down and we need to do it now.
  • Hours: 4


  1. Finish sculpting characters’ hair
  2. Rework storyboards