10-19- Ethan Miller- PPJ

This week was another round of script revision and scheduling with some layout in between. We’re so close to locking down our script again, we have one last meeting that should finally do it scheduled for tomorrow. Dave, Gabe and I have been bouncing script versions back and forth this week and tomorrow should be the end of it. At that point I can move forward on re-recording the audio and redoing the animatic.


Summary- Met several times during the week to discuss changes and the new direction. Wrote two iterations of script during idea bouncing sessions with Dave and Gabe.
Positive- Coming to cohesion, stronger direction, stronger character conflict

Negative- Still not locked down and we have to get this thing wrapped up as it’s causing a choke hold in production.
Hours: 6


Summary- Laid out exterior of Lake’s Tent, meeting with Josh tomorrow to integrate Mountain model into scene for scaling

Positive- Good sense of space, clearly defined destination

Negative- Integrating mountains tomorrow

Hours: 2

Upcoming Tasks- 

-Schedule V.A. session

-Skype with actors to discuss changes

-Start Re-editing Animatic

-Record audio treatment for Animatic

-Finish Lake’s Tent Exterior