10-19-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week I went back to working on layout for our city environments, mainly finishing the Temple rough-in.

City Scenes Rough-in


  • Summary: I’ve almost finished the rough Temple environment, with only a few key details left to be worked out.  With our final script taking shape, I’ve also begun work on the other city scenes.  Our goal is to have a first draft of all environments roughed in by Wednesday, and I think we’re on track for that.  Lake’s camp and the Temple are the most complicated environments by far, and they’ve been worked on for the longest (by Ethan and myself, respectively).
  • Positives: v01 of the Temple is nearly ready for animation; the floor just needs some more polys and one key detail needs to be worked out.  The other city environments have been started, and should move along much faster than the Temple environment.
  • Negatives: Not much this week, now that the script is nearing finality we can lock down the remaining environments pretty quickly.
  • Hours: 4


  1. Finish rough city environments
  2. Discuss layouts with team (Wednesday)
  3. Refine layouts and start placing cameras according to storyboards (pending script finalization)