PPJ 10/26 Gabriel Valdivia

This week I worked a lot with the team on our script (I know, I want to finish it too), storyboards, nCloth testing, and finishing the Elder Thing model.


Summary:  We now have a ‘final’ draft!  We sat down as a team and went line by line until we compiled a script that everyone is happy with.  We had a lot of bouncing ideas off each other, making personal compromises in terms of certain dialogue choices, and overall creating the best version of our script to date.  At this point we can move forward onto storyboards, scene blocking, and getting started on blocking out our animation.  No more drastic changes will need to be made from here.

Pros: Our script is awesome and we are all super proud of it.

Cons: We need to re-record our voice actors

Hours: 3


Summary: Now that we have finally completed our ‘final’ draft of our script, Dave, val, and I sat down and blocked out all the changes we made to the story so we can update our storyboards.  Dave has taken the lead on inking in all the boards and as he has completed them I have gone through and added some simple value.

srybrd01 srybrd02 srybrd03

Pros: We didn’t end up having to redo as many boards as we thought

Cons: It is still time consuming, especially for Dave.

Hours: 5

Cloth Test

Summary: This was basically my first time ever messing with nCloth but we are all testing it to see if we want to use it for our characters clothing.  I am going to try a style of clothing that’s closer to our character’s actually clothing, this week.


Pros: I learned about how to better control the cloth

Cons: I had no idea what I was doing

Hours: 3


Summary: I basically finished the Elder thing model (finally).  I just need to make any tweaks requested from the team and then UV it.


Pros: It came out looking really interesting

Cons: Lots of geo to work with.

Hours: 4

Upcoming Tasks:

1.) Finishing up the storyboards with Dave

2.)Starting to work on our pop through!

3.)Test more cloth.

4.) Anything else Val assigns me to do.