10-26-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week I worked on *drumroll* laying out our city environments!

City Scenes Rough-in


  • Summary: The city scenes are all layed out and ready for animation – that’s the temple, exterior ancient city, and mountain pass scenes – as well as the intro cave scene.  With our script finalized (finally!) and new storyboards pouring in we’re in great shape to start laying out our shots and begining our pop-through animation!
  • Positives: See above; but really, everything’s starting to solidify and we’re about to really start moving forward on this thing.
  • Negatives: Nada esta semana
  • Hours: 4


  1. Do some cleanup and organization on environment files to make them easier to work with
  2. Lay out cameras and recreate storyboards in 3D