11-2-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

This week has mainly consisted with me working on the book. It needs to be nearly perfect, as it is the key prop seen in many shots. If I can’t get the master rig finished by next week, I’ll split it up into several simpler rigs that should help us achieve everything we need

Lake’s Journal

Summary:  The pages rig has been revisited, but all previous functionality is still there. The book now has a cover and the bulk area of pages finished, and can be open and closed. The page bundles maintain volume and deform properly. The pages have been the most challenging. I believe I almost have a fully working rig that will allow the page to bend and be pulled by the corners, but also sit on the surface, open when the book does, and not clip with each other.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.04.33 PM

Pro:  The book body is fully functional, and could most likely be used without the separate pages in many of the shots.

Con: The pages still need more work, as only one is mostly rigged, although it’s nearly finished.

Hours: 7

Filming Reference

Summary: Dave, Gabe, and I got together to film animation reference for several scenes, as we are going to start animating next week. We finished the cave intro scene, the tent interior, the plane flight to the city, and the walk through the shoggoth trench. These references should be good for body animations, but we will be recording the voice actors during their performance so we can capture their performance.

Pros: We filmed several scenes and are just about ready to start animating.

Cons: We still need to get the footage ready for animation, and there are several scenes left to film.

Hours: 4

Moving forward

1. Finish Lake’s journal with fully functional rig

2. Film the rest of the reference

3. Begin Animating