Week 5: Team Progress Summary

This week was very successful overall! We are officially in a place where we can begin animating this week. We went through our script line-by-line, ironed out all the problems, and finally came to a group consensus. We are very happy with our final script, and are almost done with the new storyboards!

This week we also finished up the rest of layout, created a milestones list of everything we wish to present at our end-of-fall presentation, and tested out nCloth simulation techniques for our characters’ clothing. We checked a few models off the asset list (Elder thing, Lake’s notebook, and Lake’s backpack). Finally, Anthony finished up the character rigs with proxy geometry, so the animators can begin blocking in shots for the popthrough. There is still a bit more work to be done before he moves onto facial rigging, but this will allow for us to move forward with full body functionality and reference in any updates.

Looking forward to next weeks post! We’re all excited to finally begin animation.