11-2-PPJ David Maguire

Not nearly as busy this week. I finished up the new storyboards, ran some more nCloth tests, and started shooting reference with Gabe and Pat.


  • Summary: Thumbnailed the final scenes and finished drawing out the boards!
  • Positive Stuff: Hopefully done, definitely enough to move forward with.
  • Problems / issues: Had some difficulties reworking some of the old scenes that I’d grown attached to, but that’s how you know you’re making the right decisions, right?
  • Hours: 5

Additional nCloth Tests


  • Summary: This week I revisited the walk cycle with a couple more tests. First, I actually modeled pants with a pocket to see how they’d work using a wrap deformer on the simmed cloth. I also bound the input mesh to the leg rig and spent more time working with the material settings.
  • Positive Stuff: Got a cloth that seems like a nice, thick leather/insulated snow-pant type material, the pocket moved and deformed with the mesh perfectly, and binding the input mesh to the leg solved whole worlds of problems I was having last week.
  • Problems / issues: Binding the leg to the mesh was a slightly difficult process, which is kind of dependent on the rig. It’s always possible, but might be more complex from rig to rig. Additionally,   geometry and poly-flow might become much more important.
  • Hours: 4

Shooting Reference

  • Summary: Met up with Gabe and Pat at the URBN center to start filming preliminary reference for our shots.
  • Positive Stuff: Got a much better sense of timing for most of the scenes, solved some space issues that weren’t apparent in the storyboards.
  • Problems / issues: Some of the storyboards are great 2D compositions but didn’t quite allow for all; the movement we needed in 3D. Additionally, the three of us are not great actors, so there’s some pretty cheesy performances.
  • Hours: 4


  1. Sculpt hair
  2. Model clothing
  3. Block the animation