PPJ 11/2/14 Gabriel Valdivia

This week was all about prepping for animation.  We plan to start animating this coming week so I recorded some placeholder dialogue with Ethan and then reference with Dave and Pat.

Ethan and I ran through the script a couple times just to get some spacing for the animatic.  We plan to bring in our voice actors within the next couple weeks to record our final dialogue.

Hours: 1

I then recorded a lot of film reference for animation.  We got through half of the script and we plan on finishing the other half this coming week.  We took multiple takes of each shot and switched who acted so we could get a variety of actions to choose from.  We plan on using this mostly for initial blocking of our scenes and gesture drawings.  We will tighten up the blocking once we get the actual timing of the scenes with the final recording of our voice actors.

Pros: Got a lot of good reference

Cons: Takes a loooooong time and only halfway done

Hours: 3

Moving forward:

1. Animation, animation, animation!