Week 6: Team Progress Summary

gantt_week06 trello_week06

This was a moderately successful week, albeit a bit slower than the past few. We did not get around to animation like we initially intended, instead spending more time refining our storyboards and working on assets. Our characters are textured, our layout scenes are beginning to be populated with cameras, and we’ve decided on an asset directory that should accommodate all our production needs.  We collectively agree that the extra time spent on preparing for animation will put us in a better place. We have a solid project foundation set up, and the extra time meant that Anthony could further refine his proxy rigs to give the animators the most fluid experience possible.

We will begin animation tomorrow! The next week will also include hair and clothing tests, a newly completed animatic, and more fun rig additions. We will also determine a solution for referencing in assets and rigs to scenes in a way that the render farm can work with.

Sidenote: I’m considering reworking our Gantt chart. In its current form, it takes way too much of my time to update on a weekly basis, and I’d rather use that time working on production. We’ve adopted a pseudo-agile workflow for our early production phases, and because we recently doubled back on our script we have a few portions of our Gantt chart that are currently outdated. I’ll be remedying that in the next week (possibly by simplifying the Gantt chart down into quarterly chunks). I will also be posting screenshots from our Trello boards from now on.