11-9-PPJ David Maguire

Real excited to start animating, but unfortunately did not get to it this week as planned. 😦 Other classes and life continue to get in the way of actually moving forward, but we’re inching our way there.

Modeling Clothing

  • Summary: Blocked in Danforth’s clothes and have started getting more details in.
  • Positive Stuff: Blocked in pretty well, should be easy to adapt for Dyer when I’m finished.
  • Problems / issues: Some difficulties getting the proportions/edge-flow right to communicate the seams, but I think I worked it out. Am worried the clothes are going to look to baggy and undesigned, but we can adjust later if needed.
  • Hours: 3


Shooting Reference

  • Summary: Met up with Gabe and Pat at the URBN center to film preliminary reference for our shots… again.
  • Positive Stuff: Worked out some more problems we didn’t know about, ready to use it to animate! Also had a friend there who was able to act WAY better than we all were!
  • Problems / issues: Same as last week: some unexpected issues with converting the boards to 3D, again some pretty awful acting.
  • Hours: 4.5 (Despite what Pat apparently thinks)


  1. Finish clothing
  2. Finish hair
  3. Block the animation