11-9-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week we continued work on camera layout, though it was delayed again by confusion over our storyboards.  I also worked with Val on solving issues with our project heirarchy, organization, and how to make it compatible with both the renderfarm and our team’s computers (more difficult than you’d think)

Camera Layout

  • Summary: Same as last week, just re-creating our storyboards in our rough 3D environments so animation can begin.
  • Positives: Scenes are finally moving on to the animation stage!
  • Negatives: Due to confusion around which storyboards are the most up-to-date, as last week very little work got done on this front.
  • Hours: 3

Project Organization / Logistics

  • Summary: We worked on figuring out the best way to compartmentalize our project and keep it neatly structured without getting redundant and difficult to manage, settling on a system using symlinks to reference folders with shared assets etc.
  • Positives: The kinks are pretty much ironed out, our system should make switching between on and off campus computers a breeze and make navigating the project directories as painless as possible!
  • Negatives: The renderfarm has been out of commission recently, so we can’t test our system on there.  It should work, but in case it doesn’t we have a few backup plans.
  • Hours: 5


  1. Finish camera layout, we really should’ve wrapped this up ages ago
  2. Work on adding detail to city, recreating procedural generation in Maya