11/9 PPJ Gabriel valdivia

This week we have finally transitioned into animation mode.  Dave, Pat, and myself finished recording reference for the pop through while Ethan, Val, and Josh worked on layout/ setting up our environment scenes for animation.  Anthony has also gotten us some proxy rigs and we’ve been able to start blocking.

Recording Reference

Dave, Pat, and I spent a while filming ourselves acting out the scenes.  We had gotten through about half of the scenes last week so we finished the other half of the movie this week.  We now have over 100 takes to go through and use for our initial blocking.  More reference will need to be filmed in the future, especially when we get to lip sync, but we have a lot to work with for now.  Since the plan is to get our project completely blocked out by the end of term I need to go through the scenes with the other animators so we can decide who will work on what shots (that is happening tomorrow) and after that it’s off to the races!

Pros: We got a lot of interesting takes and shots to use for blocking.

Cons: Acting is haaaaaaaard!

Hours: 4.5


This morning we had a quick layout meeting with the team and then I started to work on one of our shots.  For now myself and the other animators only have a shot or two to work on, but after tomorrow I’ll be able to work on blocking all my shots together (because we are dividing up shots tomorrow).

Pros: So happy to finally be doing the best part of the project

Cons: Need to know which shots I’ll be working on before I can make drastic progress/ waiting for the final parts of layout to get done.

Hours: 2.5

Next week:

-Animating A LOT!

-Maybe helping Anthony paint weights (Not entirely sure yet)