11-17- Ethan Miller – PPJ

This was quite the productive week! Pre-production is in full swing and as such I’ve been busy this week. In addition to wrapping up layout and finishing the first draft of the Animatic, the stars aligned and I was able to record final audio from all three of my actors including all grunts and sighs and ooh and ahhs.

Final Audio – https://vimeo.com/111811854

Summary– I brought all three of my actors into the studio and ran through the entirety of the script, making adjustments where needed. Additionally, I hauled an EX camera into the studio to gather reference for our animators.
Pros- The audio came out great and the reference should be super handy especially for some of the more intensely acted portions of the script

Cons- I brought two cameras to capture with but one was missing the micro SD card so I had to make due with one (which was still more than sufficient for my goals).

Hours Spent- 8 hours


Summary- I finished the rough draft of the latest Animatic and integrated the place holder audio. For Tuesday I will be integrating the final audio as well as additional motion graphics to give more life to the storyboards.

Pros- Stronger visual direction, good length, good sense of timing.

Cons– Could be more highly animated, a problem which I hope to solve by Tuesday.

Hours Spent – 5


Summary-  revised scene layout based on critiques and comments from animators.

Pros- Better space for animating, clear channels of communication

Cons- None

Hours Spent-  4

Total Time Spent – 17 hours