11/24/14 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia


Summary:   This week all I did was animate.  I’ve almost finished another 8 of my shots. (premature blocking I mean).  We are trying to get a rough blocking pass done by the final fall presentation so Dave, Pat, and I have been working hard to get that done!  In order to block I’ve had to go through all our reference footage and then cut together the parts that I want to use. I also helped Anthony out a bit with the rigs but I didn’t quite get to weight painting this week, I plan on polishing the weights within the next couple days.  I’ve also started thinking about a plan for next quarter’s in terms of animation schedule.




Pros:   I am making lots of progress and the more I get into it the less I’m worried about getting everything done.

Cons:   I’m probably going to have to go back in, when we start polishing, and re-block in some of my shots because I don’t quite like how they look and I’d like to record some different reference.  This isn’t really a con, but this seemed like the best place to put this.

Hours: ~8

Upcoming:   My main job is to keep animating but I also plan on polishing up the weights for our characters.