Week 8: Team Progress Summary


Click to view Trello board!

Click to view Trello board!

Glad to report that we had another very successful week! This week we learned that our rig referencing solution works quite well (we were able to update the rigs with modified joints and skin weights after animation was already in progress), we got some killer audio performances from Dean, Connor and Andrew (newly casted as Professor Lake), and our shot list has been updated to record all of our progress and make prioritizing shots much easier. Anthony has been working hard to fix up the body rigs before moving into facial rigging, and we now have an awesome hair solution (courtesy of Jeremy Fernsler) that allows us to use xgen’s sculpting tools with a VRay-compatible simulation system. Fun fun fun!

Next week you can count on finished hair styles, textured clothing, more animation progress, a new animatic cut, and an outline of what we’ll be presenting at our end of fall presentation on December 2nd. Stay tuned!