Week 09: Team Progress Summary



This week was another successful one!

It’s always reassuring to see more and more cards move over to the “done” stack! This week we made significant progress with our animation blocking, finished UVing the characters’ clothing models, met with Professor Dave Mauriello to figure out Shoggoth topology, prototypted a shape-shifting Shoggoth rig, finished a new cut of our Animatic, added extra functionality in the hands and eyes to Danforth’s rig, created hairstyles for our characters with VRayFur and XGen, and figured out what deliverables will be included in our end-of-term presentation.  Phew!

For our weekly check-in on Tuesday, Pat will be talking about his Shoggoth research and explaining the innovative nature of our shape-shifting jelly monster. By next week, we plan to show finished characters (with hair, clothes and textures), have a new animatic cut (with help from Film faculty Brian Baker), finish the characters’ body rigs, show more animation progress, and have an update on the city environment.