11-30-2014 Anthony Meyers PPJ


Summary: This week I continued my work in learning Houdini. The main issue that I was able to over come was exporting FBX files to Houdini correctly. I also figured out how to export alembic files to Houdini.

Pros: I actually exported a full scene correctly from Maya to Houdini.

Cons: Alembic and FBX in Houdini both have their strength and weaknesses.

Hours: 4


Summary: Nothing too new this week for rigging. I finished up dyer. I added all the finger controls/ sdks. I fixed the ikfk blending. I also added in eye controls.

Pros: At this point the rigs are finished! Expect fixing some weighting issues and any other issues.

Cons: None other that hand sdks take a long time to make.

Hours: 10Capture

For next week:

Prepare for the presentation.

Move onto the face rigging.