11/30/14 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

Animation (cont)

Summary:  This week was not the most productive weeks due to the holiday.  I lost 5 of the days this week due to my father visiting Philly for the Thanksgiving holiday.


I continued to work on blocking out my shots and I’ve got all but 4-5 of them initially roughed in.  This was the first week with our character body rigs done (we have hands and eyes now and Anthony did a great job working out all the kinks) so that made the couple shots I blocked in this week just look so much better.  I worked on part of the final sequence where Danforth goes crazy at the end.  I also began to go back through my previous shots and update the rig references with the newest version.  I wish I had more to say but all I did was work on animation

.11-30_01 11-30_02 11-30_03 11-30_04

Pros: I’ve got most of my initial blocking done so I’m going to have time to go back through and refine my blocking before the end of term.

Cons: Lost a lot of days but luckily I planned ahead so I’m not behind.

Hours: ~4.5

Upcoming:  Finish the shots left that need initial blocking, go back through updating rigs and refining blocking.  I also haven’t gotten to finishing weight painting so I’m going to try and get to that this week but worst case it will be done by the end of term.