1-11-PPJ David Maguire

Break Summary: Didn’t spend nearly as much time as anticipated on the project over break, but I was able to continue blocking in some more animation. Not much to report on, really. I also worked on grabbing the audio and working into the animation that I had, but ran into some difficulties there that Ethan has since helped me sort out.

Clothing Models

  • Summary: Finished the boots for the characters, which meant more research, design-work, modeling and UV-ing. Unfortunately, this was one of those things that we hadn’t thought through, figuring “boots are boots.” Turns out, boots form the period are quite different than snow boots today, and required quite a bit more design than sticking the characters in UGGs and calling it done. After this was all done, the pants needed to be modified to fit the boots and each individual character.
  • Positives: Really like how the meshes turned out, and they should make for some easy sims
  • Negatives: Took far longer than anticipated, and some of the UV work is a little distorted. Hopefully Val can make it work with her texture wizardry
  • Hours: 8


  • Summary: Worked on bringing the interior tower shots to a more polished stage. We’re hoping to have this entire scene done in a few weeks (animation-wise) so we’re really cranking hard on it. Because of the unexpected time spent on the clothing and the general lack of productivity due to being back from break this week, I wasn’t able to get much done but I fully expect that to change this upcoming week.
  • Positives: It’s moving along nicely
  • Negatives: Didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to, also spent too much time moving files to my desktop computer (from my laptop that I was using over break)
  • Hours: 5


  1. Animate interior tower shots
  2. Storyboard Lake’s Camp Scene
  3. Design hieroglyphics